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Bruce says: 2011-06-14 11:55:09
I was looking for someone to repair the DC jack on my Sony computer. The person I had been using for many years was away and I was told that there would be a wait and the cost would be about $200. The part was about $15 with shipping online. I couldn''t wait and found Doctor Computes online. He was a few blocks from my house and did free house calls. I had just been operated on and could not get around easily. He also said that the repair would be under $100. He showed up and told me to buy the part and he would install it.

I brought the part to him and he called about an hour later to say the completed the work. My cost was about half of the next closest quote. The job was done beautifully. I since brought my computer back because of other problems that he handled with great skill. The man is a genius as well as being a gentleman, fairly priced and as fast as he could possibly be. On top of that he takes the time to give you all the support you''ll need, and, in my case, with no additional charge. In a way, I hate to give up my new source for fear he will become too busy.

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